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Meditate with SuAn:

Four weekly sessions for the Fall Season on  Mondays at 11am in the Fellowship Room of St. James United Church, 330 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's; starting date of Monday, October 16. Overall topic will be Consciousness and Change.

Each session will explore the theme of Consciousness via the theory of meditation, effective techniques and practice time, offering knowledge, skills and support to enhance your personal development.

Studies of meditation have shown that its practice reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, reduces chronic pain and improves health, vitality and self-esteem.  If you have never meditated, or have tried and found it dificult to continue your practice, yet you still have interest, please join us!

Cost is a donation to the Food Bank, part of the ongoing Life and Work of St. James.


If driving, please park for free in the first line nearest to Elizabeth Avenue. Anywhere else in the parking lot is liable for a ticket.

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