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Eating is a habit. Eating well is a lifestyle.

Most of the cells in our body replace themselves at least once a year. What we eat and drink today becomes raw materials for the body we will have this time next year. Think about that. It has been proven that you can improve your health through diet.


Take a few moments to consider the connection between what you put into your mouth and your body weight, between what you put into your mouth and how it affects the condition of your health, energy levels and general sense of well being. Then you will have the necessary information for making the right decisions regarding your eating habits. At the same time, take inventory of the supplements you need, from the ocean of vitamins, minerals and nutritional aids available these days, to determine which ones are really essential for your lifestyle.


Perhaps you are the kind of person who spends a good two minutes night and morning popping pills. Somewhere we expect our multi-vits and minerals to work on preventing disease. The truth is that is very seldom the case. Generally speaking, either the supplement is not absorbed, or it works to put the delicate balance of all the inner systems completely out of whack.


The average apple has only 5 or 6 mg of vitamin C in it. It also has 10,000+ other plant nutrients that work in synergy with the vitamin C. The only reason people survive eating high amounts of isolated vitamins is because the cells do not absorb them. They are not bio-available. They are flushed from the body as expensive urine.


Absorbing that news, we are faced with the question: What supplements do I then take? Vibrant health demands qualitative, not quantitative nutrition. There is plenty of evidence about real fruits and veggies being the guardians of our health.


The Longevity Diet starts with 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. We build from there. If you feel to supplement your diet, and this is not a bad idea, given our sometime crazy lifestyles, look for whole-food bio-available supplementation. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to work.

So before you spend your hard earned money on that next bottle of isolated vitamin or mineral, ask yourself these questions: Is it a whole food supplement? Will my body absorb it? If the company who makes it has integrity, it will be able to answer these questions, and supply supportive evidence of its claims.


La Voix des Villages, mercredi le 12 avril 2006 - Talk of the Towns, Wednesday April 12, 2006

Develop the tools to renew, recharge and take control of your own health!

The body has an innate ability to heal itself. Given the right ingredients - appropriate nutrition, regular elimination of toxins, adequate rest and rejuvenation, mental/emotional balance - the body will heal, repair and recover into good health.

"Health and healing is a lifestyle in which treatment for illness includes every part of life."
Caroline Myss in 'Why People Don't Heal.'


The nature of a human being is mutli-dimensional: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We encourage the restoration of a lifestyle of balance and ease to any person who feels uneasy or dis-eased  This can be done through conscious stress-management.

Let's promote health rather than confront disease by practicing prevention before intervention becomes necessary.


Read the compelling story of how Susan confronted her greatest challenge.


A Cry for Cooperation
The compelling story of how Susan confronted her greatest challenge.
Adobe Acrobat document [172.3 KB]


Read the blogspot of how Susan confronted this very same challenge a second time around, and lives to tell the tale.



Juice Plus and Immunocal are products I take daily. I highly recommend them both. I consider Juice Plus my multi-vit, and Immunocal my immune system boost. Please contact me if you wish for more information on either or both.  The actual purchases are from the websites below.


The Tower Garden was something I contemplated when I lived in an apartment, but now I can have an outdoor garden, thank the Universe; main point being the importance of veggies followed by the importance of veggies.

    My vision is 2020

"The change from one state to another transpires when everything needed to effect that change is supplied to the original state.

When the present body, mind, and senses have been transformed, that is, the nature or habits of thought and action have changed, it is called:


Excerpted from Patanjali Yog Darshan, Kaivalya Paad, verse 2, as translated by Swami Shyam


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