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About the Owner and Founder of Your Lifestyle Center: Susan (SuAn) Fyson Randall  


Each shift in our lives is a stepping stone to an expansion of awareness, where all that we have learned and practiced can be brought into a new, apparent reality.

The pandemic, first in our lifetime, has been a shift, common to all, that has brought to great light the need for connection—with nature, with individuals, with community, and most of all, with ourselves.


I have been a student of life for all of my existence, honing skills of understanding and feeling as I strive to be the change I wish to see in the world. My yogic training gives me the tools to help, serve and support folks as they too find themselves on a new stepping stone of life.


I offer the following services for individuals, groups and yoga teachers. I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in learning about any of the following spiritual practices:

*somatic yoga;

*'peace of mind' meditation;

*Somayog Teacher Training;

*seven most important verses of the Bhagavad Gita.


Further to normal teaching credentials, I have earned an honorary degree in meditation and advanced yoga sciences in the Western Himalayas of India under the guidance of my guru at the International Meditation Institute. This included in-depth work with yogic philosophy in its original Sanskrit texts.


I live and work in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, where the elements of earth, fire, wood, water, wind and sky are so clearly on display. I am at home here.


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"Thank you for your wonderful introduction to yoga. It has been a true pleasure for me. I have learned to focus my breathing, improve my relaxation techniques, and, to my surprise, I have improved my flexibility tremendously."

Etienne, Ottawa



"After having participated in two of your courses, I feel I have taken a very positive turn on my journey to spiritual wellbeing. Not only are you an inspiring and knowledgeable instructor in the techniques of yoga meditation, you offer your students aids and resources to help them with their personal practice at home."
Joy, Wakefield, QC


Somayog Teacher Training:

"I taught Somayog one day to my senior yoga class, and they left muttering it was too easy. The next week they came back raving about it—how it really loosened things up, and how much energy they had the next day."

Yoga teacher Amanda, Ontario    










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