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    Guolin Chi Gong

February, March 2019:

Eight weekly sessions for the winter season on  Tuesdays at 11am in the Fellowship Room of St. James United Church, 330 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's; starting date of Tuesday, February 5. 

The instructor is Dr. Yajing Song, PhD in Chinese medicine.

Chi Gong is one kind of traditional Chinese medicine practiced world wide for relaxation, preventive medicine and self-healing. The practice involves moving meditation, coordinating slow, flowing movements with deep rhythmic breathing and calm, meditative state of mind. It is suitable for all ages.

Guolin Chi Gong is of specific benefit to folks recovering from cancer.


The first class is a drop-in for $5, then sign up for the following seven for $70.

For more information,

please call 709-722-1881, ext. 200

If driving, please park for free in the first line nearest to Elizabeth Avenue. Anywhere else in the parking lot is liable for a ticket.

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